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Olga and Anastasia at Tobolsk.



Alexandra Feodorovna on the balcony at the Governor’s House, Tobolsk: 1917. 

brb crying.

I haven’t seen this shot before, amazing!

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I’m surprised that no one has taken up to Roleplaying or writing fanfiction on the Romanov’s.. They tend to do that with other historical fandoms now.

Fun fact, they have!

I myself used to be a part of a small roleplaying Romanov group ages ago, but I won’t post any URLs for anonymity.

As for fanfiction, I’m sure it’s out there!

Currently, there are several fictional books on the girls, not quite fanfiction, but a lot of these were written from a first person view of the girls or another member of the family :)

The Royal Diaries: Anastasia by Carolyn Meyer" is one. This one is slightly historically incorrect, and made for a younger-ish audience. I remember reading it myself when I was younger, and enjoyed it quite a bit!

The Lost Crown by Sarah Miller" is another, written by our very own Sarah Miller! If you don’t recognize the name, you may recognize her alt on the Alexander Palace Time Machine Forums, Sarushka. She is a leading member of the Romanov community, and her book is amazingly historically accurate. I myself haven’t read it, but several others of the community have, and they say it’s excellent.

The Snow Mountain by Catherine Gavin" is told through Olga’s point of view, and follows the family from mid-1914 to around 1917-ish. This one doesn’t quite adhere to historical accuracy, but to each his own. I believe one member of the fandom has read it, that I know of.

Summer Day Is Done by Robert Tyler Stevens" was written in 1970, and little is known about it. It’s a romance novel featuring Grand Duchess Olga and John Kirby, a British secret agent, set in an unbeknownst to me, year.

The Tsarina’s Daughter by Carolly Erickson" is a novel written by Carolly Erickson, focusing on a "what-if" if Tatiana survived the murders at Ekaterinburg. It deviates terribly from the historical record, as far as I know.

Waiting in Tobolsk by Norman Allen" isn’t a novel, but actually a script for a play! According to a review by the author of The Lost Crown, Sarah Miller, it’s the best drama on the imperial children. This one has parts for all the children, as well as Alix and a Bolshevik guard.

OTMA: A Drama by Kate Moira Ryan" is another script about OTMA, and this one deals with the "officer’s letters" plot to rescue the family. I haven’t read it, but perhaps someone from the Romanov community has!

The German Woman by Janet Ashton" is a fictional autobiography written by another member of the APTM forums, Janet Ashton, and has all around favorable reviews.

The Kitchen Boy by Robert Alexander" is a novel that tells the last days of the Imperial Family from the view of the kitchen boy, Lenoid Sednev, who actually disappeared in the 1920s.

Rasputin’s Daughter by Robert Alexander" is yet another novel by Robert Alexander, this time one that deals with the last days of Rasputin, told from his daughter’s point of view. It uses the photo of Grand Duchess Tatiana on the front cover, which is a bit irking to me, but again, to each his own. 

The Romanov Bride by Robert Alexander" is a novel dealing with Grand Duchess Elizaveta’s life, I’m not too sure what’s going on with it. This is also the man who wrote Rasputin’s Daughter and The Kitchen Boy. This book is apparently the third in a trilogy.

NOTE: If anyone in this fandom has read any of these books, please, tell me more! Reblog and share your opinion, anyone is welcome!


Rubies in the Snow by Kate Hubbard" is another novel of the Romanovs. This one follows Anastasia in her life leading up to termoil, probably stopping around 1916 or 1917.


Anastasia, Olga, Tatiana | 1917.

This was taken at Tobolsk :)


Two photographs of the Grand Duchesses’ bedroom in Tobolsk and Grand Duchess Anastasia studying at a desk in the girls’ bedroom. 

This is Anastasia and Olga, 1917-1918 winter, Tobolsk, if I’m not mistaken.

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