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The last record of Empress Alexandra in her diary: “July 16th, 1918~ 08:00 pm | Supper. Suddenly they called for Leonid Sednev as he should go and see his uncle. But Leonid escaped, I am not sure we would see him again. I played in bezique with Nikolay. 10:30 PM, I am going to bed”.

The next page is already dated for July 17th, but she never got the chance to write in it again.


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May 26, 1896: the coronation of Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra in Moscow

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Gown worn by Tsarina Alexandra | c. 1900

100 years ago: Tsar Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra on the balcony of the Winter Palace as Russia enters World War I, 2 August 1914

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Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and Empress Alexandra Feodorovna visiting the ancient ruins of Chersonesus.1902. Photographer: M. Protopopov.

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A series of formal images from 1895 depicting the young and beautiful Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna

(Source: imperial-russia)

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I cannot stop reading your sweet letter over and over oh!you are the sweetest kindest angelic little girly in the whole world! And that I should posses such a treasure and be allowed to love you – no! That is to heavenly for words. In all my life I have never dreamt that such happiness was possible as this now. I feel completely changed, one’s life seems useful,there is an object in living for others and for oneself too! Oh!my sweet one all that I learnt through you!

I hung out the window and breathed deeply and pulled the lovely warm pure sea-air, the wind brought gushes to me and I thought of my sweet girly dear, it seemed as if the air brought me your tender kisses from so far off. But though I seem cold as stone, I love you, my own darling, as few persons can only love! What is true love? That which loves and does not speak! That is so perfectly true and is so exactly my case. I love you to deeply and to strongly for me to show it; it is such a sacred feeling, I don’t want to let it out in words, that seem meek and poor and vain! But now I will try and break the habit of hiding my feelings, because I think it is wrong and selfish in some occasions. You also do not know, my precious one, how long my whole heart belonged to you and what sufferings it has gone through these dreary years! Darling prim-rosy mine I love you my darling!!!!!

letter from Nicholas to Alexandra on june 2nd, 1894


Николай II, Александра Федоровна и их дочь Ольга Николаевна.

Nicholas II, Alexandra Feodorovna and their daughter Olga Nikolaevna.

 с. 1899.

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