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Grand Duchess Elisabeth Feodorovna in mourning after her father’s death, 1892.

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Grand Duchess Anastasia and Empress Alexandra aboard the Standart: 1908.


Grand Duchess Elizaveta Feodorovna 1864 -1918 (born Elisabeth Alexandra Luise Alice von Hessen-Darmstadt und bei Rhein

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Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and Empress Alexandra Feodorovna visiting the ancient ruins of Chersonesus.1902. Photographer: M. Protopopov.

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The Imperial Family of Russia, circa 1913. I have never seen this photograph so clear.


The last record of Empress Alexandra in her diary: “July 16th, 1918~ 08:00 pm | Supper. Suddenly they called for Leonid Sednev as he should go and see his uncle. But Leonid escaped, I am not sure we would see him again. I played in bezique with Nikolay. 10:30 PM, I am going to bed”.

The next page is already dated for July 17th, but she never got the chance to write in it again.


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May 26, 1896: the coronation of Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra in Moscow

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Gown worn by Tsarina Alexandra | c. 1900


Nuptial Crown Worn by Empress Alexandra


Empress Alexandra wore this crown at her wedding to Nicholas II in 1894. It came to be considered part of the imperial wedding regalia, along with a diamond studded kokoshnik that was worn in front of it, long diamond earrings, a jeweled clasp for the robe, and heavy bracelets, some of which date to the time of Catherine the Great. Bands of diamonds are sewn onto the velvet-covered supports of this orb-shaped wedding crown, and a cross of six larger, old mine-cut diamonds surmounts it. Three rows of small diamonds with two rows of larger diamonds in between form the bands.