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Someone was finally able to capture a couple good views of Anastasia’s elusive Kaulbach portrait, done at the same time as her sisters’ in 1903.


Auto-chrome photos taken of the Alexander Palace in 1917 shortly after the departure of the Imperial family. 

1. Parade Halls

2. Playroom of the Imperial Children

3.& 4. Maple Room

5. Maybe Alexandra’s dressing room? Not sure. 

Oh god I totally used to know that last one. The Pallisander room? I think? Maybe?
Don’t quote me on that.


Empress Alexandra Feodorovna 

I want to say 1910/11… But I just don’t know. I’ve seen 1908, too, but I’m also really bad at remembering things.

I’ve seen a photo of Maria in the same place, in same dress, so I think that her photo date is the same as this one.

Either way, this is the Maple Room in the Alexander Palace :)

Beautiful! Maple Room, circa…. ??

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Well done! These elusive Kaulbach portraits have finally been caught! Done by this guy!


The Romanov Sisters

Fun Fact: This was taken in the Maple Room, Alexander Palace, with what looks to be OTM. Kaubach’s portraits are featured behind them, with it being (top left to bottom right) Tatiana, Olga, Maria, Anastasia. OTM’s portraits have been located, and one can find them on the internet, but Anastasia’s full portrait has never been found. I believe this was taken around 1908, pehaps 1909.


Tsaritsa Alexandra Feodorovna of Russia, c. 1908 via Beineke Manuscript Library

In the Maple Room, Alexander Palace. (Most likely taken at home when she was dressed up for the opening of the Duma.)

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