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A gold bracelet Queen Victoria had inscribed with a poignant message from her late husband which was then gifted to one of her daughters has been discovered.

The gold, diamond, pearl and enamel band was bought by Victoria and Prince Albert for a wedding present to Princess Alice.

Albert tragically died six months before the big day which went ahead, although Alice was instructed to wear black mourning dress immediately before and after her marriage to Prince Louis of Hesse.

Victoria inscribed the bracelet with with a message from both of them.

The message reads: ‘To dear Alice from her loving parents Albert and Victoria R who though visibly parted are ever united, April 25 1862.’

Victoria presented the memento to the princess three months before the ceremony and four months after Albert’s untimely death.

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May 26, 1896: the coronation of Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra in Moscow

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Gown worn by Tsarina Alexandra | c. 1900


Nuptial Crown Worn by Empress Alexandra


Empress Alexandra wore this crown at her wedding to Nicholas II in 1894. It came to be considered part of the imperial wedding regalia, along with a diamond studded kokoshnik that was worn in front of it, long diamond earrings, a jeweled clasp for the robe, and heavy bracelets, some of which date to the time of Catherine the Great. Bands of diamonds are sewn onto the velvet-covered supports of this orb-shaped wedding crown, and a cross of six larger, old mine-cut diamonds surmounts it. Three rows of small diamonds with two rows of larger diamonds in between form the bands.


100 years ago: Tsar Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra on the balcony of the Winter Palace as Russia enters World War I, 2 August 1914


Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and Empress Alexandra Feodorovna visiting the ancient ruins of Chersonesus.1902. Photographer: M. Protopopov.

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Empress Alexandra Fydorovna, then Princess Alix of Hesse, in 1881.

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Grand Duchess Tatiana in Court Costume: 1913. 

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The Chinese Delegation at the Coronation celebrations of  Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, 1896.

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